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bridge and cars

Assess projects, plans, programs and policies


Available for the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries


Environmental, energy, freight, and system performance


Active transportation options - bicycle and pedestrian

metro train

Public Transit - bus, light rail, metro alternatives

marine port

Multi-modal - airports, marine ports, rail and highways


In an effort to guide development of the next highway plan, KYTC evaluated and scored more than 1,100 projects across the state using the new Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow (SHIFT) prioritization and scoring program. The scoring formula is an objective approach that uses data on safety, congestion, asset management, economic growth and cost-benefit ratios. TREDIS outputs were used to inform economic competitiveness of projects as determined by KYTC staff.


KYTC SHIFT Press release

More details about the KYTC SHIFT Program



cost benefit

BCA: Benefit-Cost Analysis

Assess societal benefits and efficiency of investment, including wider economic benefits

economic impact

EIA: Economic Impact Analysis

Assess impacts on jobs and income growth via a dynamic regional economic model

financial impact

FIA: Financial Impact Analysis

Assess tax revenues and public-private partnerships, and impacts of toll and fee policies

freight trade

Freight and Trade Module

Assess commodity flow and trade impacts and freight planning implications

TREDIS 5 represents a dramatic step forward, with enhanced visualization using infographics, interactive graphs, maps, and tables to better communicate and provide insights for decision-making and planning.



tredis logo print 2

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