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TREDIS - Freight

TREDIS – FREIGHT provides State DOTs, MPOs and others with unsurpassed analysis capabilities that support freight planning, strategy development, project prioritization, economic impact assessment, and benefit-cost evaluation as well as meeting a number of other MAP-21 requirements.

 Supply Chain Report

These capabilities are enabled by a clearly laid-out framework that (a) brings together available transportation, economic and trade data, and (b) integrates industry, commodity and modal perspectives.  TREDIS provides these capabilities in a fully integrated package, or it can be adapted to use (or work with) an agency’s own transportation data, economic data and models (including Global Insight, Moody’s, REMI, IMPLAN) and freight/trade databases (including Transearch® and vFreightTM).  It can be used in different ways for corridor, project or area-level studies.  Specifically:

Select a highway or rail corridor, and then:

  • Profile freight flows using the corridor*
  • Link Selection
  • Assess its national and regional significance
  • Identify area industries and supply chain components that depend on the selected corridor
  • Calculate how forecast economic changes will change future freight activity levels
  • Use this information to assess implications for strategies, investment programs or system budgets and plans

Define a highway, rail, air or marine project, and then:

  • Profile the affected freight flows and associated economic activities dependent on the project*
  • Assess the economic importance of the project’s impact on that freight movement  
  • Identify industries and supply chain components that will benefit from the project
  • Calculate impacts on facility use, user benefit-cost and wider economic impacts
  • Use this information to assess implications for project priorities and selection

Select a broad State, Metro or County-based Region, and then:

  • Profile the area’s pattern of freight flows*
  • Assess the supply chain roles of those freight flows
  • Identify the area’s economic dependencies on those supply chain roles
  • Calculate how emerging economic trends will change future freight flows
  • Use this information to assess implications for future freight or economic development strategies

* profiles cover freight volume (tonnage, number of vehicles), economic value, mode, origin-destination, commodity mix and/or affected industries


vFreight© - Visualizing County-Level Freight Flows

vFreight is an information dataset developed by EDR Group that can be used with TREDIS.


Key Features:

  • Provides easy, intuitive, and visually supported access to detailed commodity flow data
  • Shows county-to-county flows by 2 or 3 digit SCTG level
  • Provides domestic mode for each commodity type
  • Provides international mode for each traded commodity
  • Shows location of county for 219 port of entry (imports) and port of exit (exports) for all traded commodities
  • Provides county-level trade (exports/imports) for 18 countries
  • “Cloud-based” structure provides “instant” access anywhere internet is available


  • Demonstrates national and international linkages for domestic freight movements
  • Identifies key ports of entry/exit for traded commodities
  • Supports MAP-21 analysis at levels of geographic detail consistent with statewide and regional planning
  • Provides effective ways of graphically sharing trade & commodity flow data with policymakers and the public
  • Facilitates economic development strategies relating to trade partners, import substitution & export growth

For vFreight information and login, Click here. Download vFreight datasheet.

Note that some of these capabilities are already present in the current TREDIS v4.0; others are being implemented in the forthcoming TREDIS v5, though they are available now on a custom basis.  Learn more or for more information, contact TREDIS Software at 617-303-0424.


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