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TREDPLAN-Regions: Advancing DOT and MPO Abilities to Plan for Future Change

TREDPLAN-RegionsTM - Gives an analyst a flexible way of deep diving on regional growth to look at how the local economy, and its underlying freight activity will evolve over time. Learn about your buyer-supplier markets and how your region sources their goods, and how that will change.  Assess implications for job training, facility investment and transportation infrastructure needs. Use for economic development strategies, freight plans, supply chain analysis, long-range regional plans, infrastructure prioritization and risk-resiliency analysis.


What can TREDPLANTM do for DOTs, MPOs, and EDO's?

  • Compare your region to its peers in terms of dependence on external labor & business markets, as well as freight gateways.
  • Assess how future economic shifts can affect your region’s economy and freight flows.
  • Assess the potential for future change in your region’s reliance on connections to specific gateways and areas of the US.
  • Identify elements of transportation infrastructure that will be most critically affected by future changes in economic growth.

Scenario Planning for factors we can change (projects, policies)

Future Planning for factors we cannot change (economy, technology)



Use Cases

  • Freight Plan
  • Long Range Planning
  • State or Regional Economic Analysis
  • Risk and Resiliency Analysis
Regional Production and Consumption of Internal Flows Regional Production and Consumption of Internal Flows


Regional Industry Trade with External Counties Regional Industry Trade with External Counties

Answers Questions

  • Where is my growth located
  • What are my key developing industries
  • What sort of Freight activity is associated with my industries
  • How are my regional economic growth driving freight
  • What are my major markets, means of conveying goods
  • How does this overlap with my competitors
  • How does all of this change based on my understanding of the futures



Freight activity is the execution of inter-industry trade. By modelling this relationship we can show how your economy interfaces with the world, and the mechanisms and facilities in which goods are distributed


Quickly summarize regional growth and activity, using our visual querying platform. See something interesting?  Just click to learn more about what’s driving it!    Inbound Regional 2045 Market 
Inbound Regional 2045 Market



Internal Regional Port Traffic 
Internal Regional Port Traffic


A customizable series of starting reports enables you to focus on broad topics of interest to give structure to your analysis. Emphasis on summarizing Regional patterns, while simultaneously focusing on other facets of our data
  • Ports
  • Modes
  • Countries
  • Commodities
Want to work with the results outside of the tool? Export functions are built in to enable working with outputs in excel.


View TREDPLAN-Regions demo (Webinar)


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