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Learn how TREDIS can help your organization evaluate transportation projects for economic viability.  See how to compare alternative projects with a complimentary web-based seminar and have all your questions answered.  Our webinars are approximately 60 minutes in duration; include both a focused presentation and a demo to show how TREDIS may solve your challenges.  Plenty of time is reserved for answering your questions.

TREDPLAN Air & Marine Ports Webinar - Thursday, December 14, 2017 @ 1PM EST  (Note revised date)

Gain the Comptetitive Advantage Using TREDPLAN Ports


TREDPLAN is a new and unique system for evaluating the competitive position of air and marine ports, and how they will be affected by emerging changes in the economy and global markets.

TREDPLAN offers a way to compare the international trade markets of competing air and marine ports, distinguishing market segments by commodity, foreign trading partners and domestic sources. It allows you to assess alternative futures – how spatial, economic, technology and regulation changes will shift competition and the economic position of individual ports. It provides a basis for improved planning and investment.

In this one-hour webinar, we will demonstrate how your airport (or seaport) can use TREDPLAN to:

  • Compare your airport or marine port to known competitors 
  • Identify unknown competitors
  • Assess how your cargo markets will shift in the future
  • Determine shifts in competitors' cargo market
  • Evaluate forecast volatility to determine the potential for gain or risk of loss in market positions

Long-range investment strategies are subject to a wide range of risks in this ever-changing world.   Arm yourself with the right data to get in front of shifting global and domestic circumstances that may affect your needs and priorities.

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Special Topic Webinars:

Technical Webinars:

Practical Applications, Featuring Guest Speakers:

Guest Speakers:
Scott Moore, Moore Data LLC - Richland County Transportation Plan
Wendy Tao, Cambridge Systematics - CA Land Use & Density
David Wasserman, North Carolina DOT - Hwy Prioritization 2.0
Steve Landau, EDR Group - MA South Coast Corridor
Brianne Glover, Texas Transportation Institute - Competitive Grant Applications
Kyle Schneweis, High Street Consulting - KS Highway Preservation Building

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Guest Speakers:
Craig Casper, Transportation Director, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments 
Alpesh Patel, Strategic Planning Office, North Carolina Department of Transportation 
Kermit Wies, Deputy Executive Director, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

Guest Speakers: 
Federal Perspective:  Martin Weiss, formerly at Federal Highway Administration 
State/Local Perspective:  Chandler Duncan, formerly at MN DOT and Charlotte DOT

Guest Speakers: 
Julie Lorenz - Kansas Department of Transportation 
Mike Garrett – Virginia Department of Transportation 
Craig Casper - Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments 
Brett M. Baden - Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
Robert Russell - Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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