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Assess projects, plans, programs and policies
Examine the consequences of future change scenarios
Environmental, energy, freight, and economic performance
Active transportation options - bicycle and pedestrian
Public Transit - bus, light rail, metro alternatives
Applications for airport, marine port, rail and highway investments
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TREDIS is a powerful, yet easy to use economic analysis software. It is a reliable tool for investment evaluation, cost-benefit analysis and project prioritization.

- Ermias Weldemicael, PhD, Economist,
Colorado DOT

We use TREDIS for a wide range of projects and modes. The customer support folks are always available to answer our questions and are great at walking us through any issues and explaining the underlying ‘why’ in each unique situation. Knowing the reason we need to structure an analysis a certain way helps us to better understand and communicate the delivered results.

- Brianne Glover, J.D., Assistant Research Scientist
Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Infrastructure Investment Analysis Program

High Street has used TREDIS on numerous engagements in states such as Colorado, Kansas, and Ohio to support analysis of transportation project and program economic impacts. Time and time again, the tool has proved easy to use, is cost effective, and produces results that are understandable to clients and their stakeholders. In several cases, we have worked with EDRG staff to apply TREDIS on projects and are continually pleased with the firm’s responsiveness, flexibility, and commitment to ensuring TREDIS delivers the analytical capabilities that are needed.

- Craig Secrest, Partner
High Street Consulting,


tredis logo print 2

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