The TREDIS Story

TREDIS® started with two goals. First to provide a consistent analysis system that combined benefit-cost analysis (BCA), economic impact analysis (EIA) and financial impact analysis (FIA), in a way that would improve transportation planning. Second to create a system capable of multi-modal analysis for integrated transportation planning.

TREDIS, is now part of a suite of evolving tools available from TREDIS Software, a subsidiary of EBP-US, Inc. All TREDIS applications are web-based tools that enable university researchers, consultants and transportation agency staff to share results and collaborate.

  • University licenses for teaching in university classrooms.
  • Best in class integration with economic forecasts from Moody’s Analytics, international trade flows from WiserTrade, inter-industry economic flows and tax data from IMPLAN Group and commodity flows from IHS.
  • A flexible modular structure that enables it to work on an ever-expanding set of add-on applications, including freight and trade analysis.
  • Rapid deployment of new features to users from on-going research, and
  • A team of researchers and developers working with our peer EBP consultants to implement state-of-the-art economic analysis tools.

We have a vibrant user community and are proud to now be the most widely used transportation economic analysis system in North America. Contract us for more information on TREDIS or for custom models available for other markets.

It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of transportation economic analytics!  We invite you to be a part of it.

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