Nevada Statewide Freight Program Assessment

Nevada Department of Transportation, 2013 

Nevada Department of Transportation completed an initial freight assessment study in preparation for the Nevada State Freight Plan.  The effort included the evaluation of recent planning efforts to identify issues, concerns, and opportunities regarding freight movement in the state, as well as to determine the effectiveness of any previous recommendations that have been implemented.

 The objectives of the program assessment were to: develop a freight assessment as a basis for developing the Nevada freight plan, evaluate the 2000 goods movement study and other recent planning efforts, address MAP-21 requirements, develop performance measure indicators, and identify goals, needs, issues, and opportunities for Nevada's Statewide Freight Plan update.  The assessment also evaluated the freight industry from an economic perspective and identified areas for potential growth and development.  TREDIS was used to prepare the economic and industry impact analysis for this project and provided the following content for the plan: outlined the role of freight transportation in Nevada's economy; identified Nevada's Freight dependent industries; compiled freight movement and their relevant economic impact on Nevada through 10 years and 20 years in the future; reviewed existing economic performance measures, databases; and assessed economic performance indicators related to movement of freight, goods and services in Nevada.


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