North Carolina: TREDPLAN Use for Clean Energy Workforce & Economic Development

TREDIS was applied for a NC Dept. of Commerce assessment of opportunities for Clean Energy investment to support further job creation in the state, and the associated workforce training needs. The TREDPLAN analysis tool showed labor market, industrial, and occupational patterns and trends in North Carolina, and explore showed how alternative scenarios for investment and development of wind power generation, solar power generation, and energy efficiency improvement could affect existing and future workforce and business conditions in the state.    

This customized application of the TREDPLAN-REGIONS system incorporated economic forecasts from Moody’s, economic structural tables from IMPLAN, and various energy industry sources forecast to the year 2045 to perform analysis of conditions under a “business as usual” and alternative “what-if’ scenarios, such as improving the market share for local North Carolina supplier businesses, implementing workforce training for specific skills, and public investment changes. The analysis leveraged TREDPLAN data from the workforce assessment report to provide insight into ways that North Carolina can focus appropriate policy interventions involving business incentives and job training to substantially improve employment opportunities and increase associated income levels. It incorporated spatial mapping to show where new energy generation opportunities exist, and where intervention is most needed to fill skills gap and prepare future labor market participants for emerging industries.





Summary NC report


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