California Statewide Transportation Plan 2040

California Department of Transportation, 2014 

The California Transportation Plan (CTP) is a statewide, long-range transportation plan that will guide transportation decisions and investments in the 21st Century. The CTP provides a policy framework for meeting statewide transportation needs. It defines goals, policies, and strategies to achieve our collective vision for California's transportation future. The plan envisions a sustainable system that improves mobility and enhances our quality of life. Key to this vision is considering "the 3 E's" - a prosperous economy, quality environments, and social equity – in all transportation decisions.

California DOT selected TREDIS for the economic element of the broader modeling and policy assessment process, drawing inputs from the California Statewide Travel Demand Model and the California Freight Forecasting Model.  The TREDIS economic impact analysis is being complemented by consideration of environmental impacts using the Emissions Factor Model. Overall economic results are being generated in terms of jobs, income, Gross State Product and freight flows.

This multimodal planning process was designed to comply with State law SB 391 which calls for the Department and its statewide transportation plan to address economic development (including productivity and efficiency for the movement of people and freight), and the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which calls for strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Caltrans Airport Forecasting Study – Summary

Caltrans Airport Forecasting Study – Appendices (see Appendix E on productivity impacts)

Presentation by Office of Statewide Planning, Economic Analysis Branch

Policy Advisory Committee, Housing and Community Development

California DOT Vision Tool, Modeling Development

California Transportation Plan CTP 2040 Model and Policy Scenario Development Process

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