Chicago Regional Long-Range Plan


GOTO2040 is the new comprehensive regional plan for the Chicago metropolitan area. The plan addresses housing, land use, transportation, the environment, economic development, and human and community development. It is designed to accommodate an additional 2.8 million residents expected by 2040, through "recommendations for public policies and investments -- including roads, transit, and other infrastructure -- that will guide development patterns through mid-century and beyond."


The transportation element addresses a series of regional goals including: economic vitality and global competitiveness, accessibility and mobility (of people and freight); air quality, energy use, commuting and jobs-housing balance, infill development and natural resource preservation. CMAP implemented a series of evaluation measures covering these goals, to provide a basis for the project selection and planning processes. To address the economic vitality factor, staff of CMAP applied their regional travel model and the TREDIS transportation economic impact system, linked to provide data transfer between them. This process was used to calculate the expected economic impact for each of 53 major (road and rail transit) projects and for alternative project scenarios.



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