Wisconsin Major Highway Selection Process


Wisconsin DOT operates a range of funding programs for transportation investments that support economic development, including funding of improvements to airports, rail infrastructure, harbors and highway networks. Among the various programs, the Highway Major Investment Program, which is funded by state bonds, is particularly notable because individual project proposals are ranked and selected on the basis of a formal scoring system that includes consideration of benefits and costs associated with economic development, safety, traffic flow, environmental and community readiness factors.


Whereas other funding programs are aimed more at congestion mitigation and environmental factors, the Highway Major Investment Program gives highest weight to proposed projects that can enhance industry productivity, employment growth and overall economic development potential along the corridor and across the state. Staff of Wisconsin DOT have leveraged TREDIS, linked with the statewide highway network and freight model, to help with the scoring of economic development potentials. In addition, WisDOT staff have been applying TREDIS to assess the economic impact as part of various rail abandonment studies.


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