TREDIS® is offered as a subscription with varying durations and geographic coverage areas, allowing you to maximize its value to our users. Click here for a free trial

Free Trial Subscription

Free 30-day trial of the full Transportation Economics Suite for a hypothetical geographic area, allowing you to try all TREDIS components, including Economic Impact Analysis (with regional profiles and forecasts), Financial (Cash Flow) Analysis, Fiscal Impact Analysis, and Benefit-Cost Analysis.  The full series of TREDIS reports are available.  Click here to register for free trial subscription.

TREDIS Standard Subscriptions

By offering a flexible TREDIS subscription, you select how long you need access to this advanced web-based system.  Subscriptions are offered for periods as short as three (3) months and may extend to multiple years as needed. And all TREDIS subscriptions include comprehensive support and no-charge updates as new versions of TREDIS are made available. 

Partner Program

partnersGet more value from TREDIS by leveraging your subscription with DOT, MPO, university, and consulting partners for long range planning and scenario analyses.

The program was designed to enable State DOTs the chance to offer partners to access to their TREDIS subscription for a nominal fee. Since TREDIS provides full user access controls, the DOT and MPOs can either share their analyses or keep them separate and private, as desired. For more information now, call or email us and we will fill you in on how this can also work in your state.


Consultant and Research Organization Options

Some state DOTs and MPOs have ongoing subscriptions to TREDIS, which allows them to offer TREDIS access to their contractors for a nominal fee (as long as the work is directly for that client).  Other state DOTs and MPOs have decided to have their contractors take out a separate TREDIS subscription for each project that requires its use. In the latter case, there are low cost subscriptions for one-time studies.  Contact us to see which option applies for your next study.

University Program

University ProgramUse TREDIS in classroom settings to teach transportation economic impact and benefit-cost analysis.  The TREDIS University Program offers unversity faculty and students access to TREDIS as a classroom teaching tool at no cost.  It includes:
  • Access to all options in the most current TREDIS release that is used by leading experts in the field
  • Individual login access for each student and professor
  • Access to TREDIS on-line documentation
  • Ability for teachers to set up problems, and individual students (or teams) to address them

For more information on the University Program, Click here

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