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TREDIS Features


It is all about helping you get your results quickly and communicating to your target audiences!


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With a greatly enhanced economic impact analysis engine, TREDIS now provides powerful views of your projects results, with a responsive user interface.  Your project's analysis results are viewable as maps, graphs, and very detailed tables.  With our new views you can instantly visualize the impacts your transportation projects have your local, regional, and national economies.  

TREDIS includes interactive graphics, allowing you to drill down to the details you need, while still offering executive level views representing the bigger picture.  (Click to view sample reports)

TREDIS is a transparent system -  NOT a black box!

And of course, TREDIS continues to provide complete insight on how the results are generated.  Just click on the Tracing / Validation Reports and you will see all the intermediate results used to create your final results.

And, with one click, you can save your results as a graphic, PDF document, Word or Excel file for incorporation in presentations or for additional custom analyses.

Expanded Industry Sector Detail

With TREDIS, you have the capability to select the desired level of industry sector detail (up to 536 industry sectors!) to provide results that are meaningful to your audience.

Virtually Unlimited Transportation Modes

Adding to TREDIS's standard default multimodal libary is now easier and more powerful than ever.  Custom modes are now shareable across your organization, allowing you to set the default values, and to use the same custom modes in any project for your account.

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Scalable Geographies

TREDIS has scalable geography selection, depending upon your subscription.  Now you can analyze regions, such as a metropolitan region that spans parts of multiple counties, or a smaller city that consists of a small number of zip codes.

Freight Support

TREDIS offers a series of optional reports that perform multi-modal commodity level analyses.  vFreightTM and Transearch(R) data is available for extensive freight commodity reporting.


Project Management Functions

For organizations that have large numbers of projects to analyze, the new Project Management features allow you to group projects by analyst, region, project type, or any other desired grouping. You can easily import project details into TREDIS using a batch mode to ease migration from other systems to TREDIS.  For example, you can import the results of your travel demand models.  And, you can export the results to be in a form that can be used by virtually any custom post-processing system.


Program Accessible Interface (Web API)

TREDIS now enables your custom programs, whether they are desktop or web-based, to access cloud-based TREDIS using web enabled API calls.  This optional feature allows TREDIS to be incorporated as a module within other systems as an integrated component.  Your development teams can now focus on your organization’s core competencies, while accessing the powerful economic impact analysis capabilities of TREDIS.

The diagram to the left shows how TREDIS (Yellow box) may be used as a module within a more involved system (Blue boxes).




Where to Get Help

To make sure using TREDIS is easier than ever, TREDIS offers multiple levels of user support.  Detailed context driven help is available on each screen in the system providing insight in how to use the features on the screen.  Hover help tells you what the various commands and fields do, without needing to push any buttons.  A comprehensive user manual is located in the User Resources area of the system, along with case studies to show you how an analysis can be structured. And of course, we have This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. representatives who can offer assistance as well.


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