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Value Impact Analysis (VIA) Module

Leveraging Local Data to Extend TREDIS

New analysis for MPOs, COGs, and DOTs seeking more granular, customized, and multi-faceted analysis of transportation investment programs; supports megaregional, interregional, and intraregional economics.

Developed under an FHWA National Economic Partnership grant for three Arizona MPOs:
  • MAG - Maricopa Association of Governments
  • PAG - Pima Associatoin fo Governments
  • SCMPO - Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Org

New reporting addressing:

  • Sub-county economic impacts using custom geographies
  • Equity reporting for accessibility and employment changes
  • Real estate value changes due to accessibility and regional growth


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VIA includes customized regional coefficients for its state-of-the-art land value module, which is based on a proven bid-rent framework.

Bid functions provide location data for reallocating population and employment patterns relative to your own baseline forecasts.

Reporting available based on census tracts or TAZs and “districts” that combine groups of zones for more digestible sub-county results.

Five “communities of concern” and three racial/ethnic groups in default equity reporting.



New Data and Inputs 
Agency Forecasts of Population and Employment for Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs) American Community Survey Demographic Data for Equity
  • Low Income, Old Age, Limited English Proficiency, Disability, and Majority Minority
Agency Forecasts of Land User Supply Travel Times between All TAZs


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Building on Core TREDIS Features:

  • Robust project management controls and secure cloud-based storage and access
  • 544 industries of detail; business and household responses to transportation changes
  • Three freight and commodity data options – TREDIS always tracks what’s on your truck
  • Fully traceable and transparent calculations for Benefit Cost Analysis results and direct industry impacts from travel changes
  • Robust consideration of travel performance and wider economic benefits (reliability, congestion, connectivity, accessibility, tolls/fees/fares, safety, through traffic, etc.)
  • Dozens of default modes and transportation types – true multi-modal analysis
  • Endless customization of transportation modes and projects for your region
  • Multi-regional analysis for mega-regional and region/rest-of-state analyses

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