TREDAIR provides comprehensive estimates of economic contributions of single airports and airport systems. TREDAIR offers detailed industry level and regional reporting of impacts in terms of jobs, labor incomes, and business revenues. These insights capture changes in capital and operations and maintenance spending, visitor spending, and on-airport tenant employment.

TREDAIR has been used for system plans and stand-alone economic impact analyses.  DOTs have used TREDAIR for scenarios and provided public-use tools on the web.

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Airport System Analysis



  • Allows users to estimate the current and future economic contributions associated with a single airport or an airport system.
  • Provides the magnitude of economic contributions based on various scenarios,
  • Evaluates the economic value that a single airport or an airport system can create for communities, regions, or states.



  • Airport Selection: Analyze single or multiple airports. Measure impacts for regional or statewide aviation systems.
  • Customizable Airport Data: Utilize baseline values from surveys or operational airport data.
  • Airport Visitor Spending: View, analyze, and develop forecasts of visitor spending scenarios and airport operations.
  • Airport Tenant Employment: View, analyze, and create forecasts of airport and tenant employment scenarios.
  • Scenario Reports: Report scenario impacts by industry and by state, region, or airport.
  • Industries: With 544 industry sectors available, industry inputs are flexible, and reports can be tailored to the airport or system’s needs.


Select Airport     Enter Visitor Spending     Enter Tenant Employment
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View Scenario Impact of all Airports     Economic Impact Summary     Economic Impacts by Industry
TREDAIR State Airports     TREDAir Visitor Spending     TREDAir Tenant Employment


  1. Contributions of existing and future airport and system operations
  2. Changes in on-airport operations
  3. Capital investments: infrastructure, terminals, or freight related
  4. Changes in off-airport operations
  5. Changes in passenger volumes
  6. Changes in regional visitor spending
  7. Long Range Plans
  1. Direct: The direct impact of airport operations on the economy is represented by on-airport and visitor-related activities, as well as temporary construction.
  2. Indirect: These supplier impacts are generated from the purchases of goods and services made by airport-based businesses, on-airport public sector agencies, and businesses in the hospitality industries.
  3. Induced: This income impact is derived from new economic activity generating new payroll for workers and households. Additional business revenues, payroll, and jobs are supported as this income circulates within a specific region.


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