MBCA: Multimodal Benefit-Cost Analysis

MBCA (Multimodal Benefit-Cost Analysis) is a web-based calculation tool that compares the costs and user benefits of individual transportation projects. It is an element of the larger TREDIS suite of tools, but is also available as a stand-alone subscription for US grant and funding applications that require conventional benefit-cost analysis but no further economic impact modeling.

MBCA is optimized for US federal grant applications. In fact, it is the only benefit-cost analysis system that enables USDOT reviewers to have direct online access to verify a grant applicant’s analysis assumptions and results. USDOT staff have been trained in how to review grant applications using MBCA online. 

MBCA is unique in its capabilities for addressing projects that span multiple modes. It covers passenger and freight transportation spanning all modes – road, rail, air and marine – and it also includes pedestrian and bicycle modes. It is designed to be consistent with USDOT guidelines, making it useful for multimodal project assessment, grant applications and education programs. 

Another distinguishing feature of MBCA is that it enables users to define custom modes, sub-modes, time periods and trip purposes.  This enables users to define and compare an unlimited number of modal variants that differ in capacity, fuel use and performance, such as: Rail Transit (BRT, light/heavy rail, express/local service, high speed/conventional rail), Bus Transit (van, bus, articulated bus, double-deck bus), aviation (prop, corporate jet, regional jet) and Active Transportation (walk, bicycle).  And it enables comparison of special time periods such as peak tourism vs. off-peak seasons. 

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