Freight System Analysis Using TREDIS

TREDIS with vFreighttm
TREDIS fueled by Transearch®

TREDIS® provides freight planners with powerful data analytics to identify freight-dependent industries, link patterns of freight flows to industry sectors and their spatial development, and examine the consequences of freight infrastructure investment for local, regional, and statewide economies. TREDIS provides two optional packages for freight analysis that build on private sources to go beyond FAF data, with coverage of over 400 commodities for 50 states and over 3,000 counties, including seven freight modes and international freight flows by mode and country.


Freight Flow by Mode



Both Freight Options Enable Planners to:

  • Demonstrate the significance of state and regional transportation system investments to your economy.
  • Assess impacts of transportation performance improvements on major industry sectors (in terms of jobs, gross regional product, and output).
  • Show how improvements in freight delay and reliability can affect supply-chain and logistics costs, including driver and inventory costs.
  • Show how freight cost changes affect economic growth and competitiveness.
  • Summarize freight impacts and trends at a county, state, national or international level.

Freight Map

Freight Map Bubble



TREDIS Freight: Two Data Source Options

TREDIS® with vFreighttm measures and visually portrays what is moving into and out of your area, with detail at the county level. It shows the economic value of freight flows to your area and how proposed transportation projects will further affect the economy. Reports allow users to analyze impacts on commodity flows, imports, exports and effects on jobs, income and tax revenues.    TREDIS®fueled by Transearch® extends the power of TREDIS even further. It adds corridor and network level analysis to show what is moving into, out of, and passing through your area via specific highway segments, rail corridors and intermodal centers. A special Transearch dataset, provided by IHS Markit, is designed to integrate with TREDIS.

TREDIS®fueled by Transearch® corridor examples

transearch1    transearch2

Both vFreight and Transearch options:

  • Identify trade between US counties, and between counties and foreign countries.
  • Are consistent with the US Census Foreign Trade Database.
  • Provide county-level detail exceeding that available in FAF and resolve pass-through distortions to show true commodity origin/destinations.
  • Show economic impacts (jobs, wages, value added and output) associated with proposed transportation infrastructure improvements.
  • Utilize interactive visualization tools to generate maps, tables and spreadsheets for reports and presentations.

 Available Freight Offerings

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