TREDIS – the standard for transportation economic evaluation

 What is TREDIS?

TREDIS® calculates the economic impacts, benefits and costs of proposed projects, programs and policies. It is a comprehensive decision support system that spans economic impact analysis, benefit-cost analysis, and financial analysis, as well as freight and trade impact analysis. It is the only system applicable for all modes – covering passenger and freight transport via aviation, marine and rail modes, as well as truck, car, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian travel.

Use TREDIS for deep analysis of a single project or simultaneous comparison of many projects. Impacts may be viewed at local, regional, state or national levels.

What’s new in TREDIS 6.

TREDIS Elements

Key Components

250 BC Cost And Net Benefits ChartBenefit-Cost Analysis

Assess societal benefits and efficiency of investment, including wider economic benefits.

SummaryEconomic Impact Analysis

Assess impacts on jobs and income growth via a dynamic regional economic model

250 BC Cost And Net Benefits ChartFinancial Impact Analysis

Assess tax revenues and public-private partnerships, and impacts of toll and fee policies

250 BC Cost And Net Benefits ChartFreight and Trade Flows

Assess commodity flow and trade impacts and freight planning implications



  • Transportation Programs - use for long-range plans, TIP /STIP, freight & resilience plans. see examples Arrow Right

  • Project Prioritization & Selection – use for multi-modal project ranking and selection. see examples Arrow Right

  • Corridor and Regional Planning – use for alternatives analysis & scenario comparison. see examples Arrow Right

  • Policy Development – assess equity, resilience, environment, energy & freight/trade impacts. see examples Arrow Right

For more on TREDIS uses, see the article: Using Economic Impact Analysis to Develop Supportable Transportation Decisions – Across All Planning Stages.

What makes TREDIS special?

TREDIS is complete. It assesses impacts and benefits of capital investments, operations, maintenance, and financing for all modes and types of projects. It can show impacts on costs, productivity, equity, economic growth, energy use and emissions.

TREDIS employs a dynamic economic simulation. It calculates short- and long-term impacts of transportation changes, which can be viewed from the perspectives of different stakeholders, study areas and, time periods.

TREDIS is a U.S. cloud-based system. It enables simultaneous use by multiple agencies, organizations and staff members, with user-defined study areas and time periods. It links to client transportation and economic systems.

TREDIS provides use and assistance options. You can use it on your own, get supporting assistance, or have an expert run it for you.

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