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TREDPLAN: Predictive Analytics for Long Range Planning

Anticipate possible solutions and opportunities


For Economic Development and Commerce:
  • Compare your region to competitors' economic conditions and structures
  • See risks and opportunities in markets and competitiveness under alternative futures
  • Identify needs for occupational training and business investments
For Freight and Multimodal Transportation Planning:
  • Compare your area's commuting and freight corridor/gateway dependencies against peers
  • See changes in traffic activitiy under alternative futures
  • Identify needs for changes in infrastructure, capacity, and risks over- or under-investment in facilities
For International Marine Ports and Airports:
  • Compare your port with others serving similar partners and markets
  • Assess risks to markets and competitive position under alternative futures
  • Identify threats to existing key markets and opportunities to expand into new markets





Outside Factors

Needs & Impacts
Implications for              Effects on
  • Transportation
  • Costs
  • Energy
  • Demand
  • Labor
  • Patterns

    Inside Factors


    TREDPLANTM Advantages
    Assess how future scenarios shift markets, create demand for new infrastructure, change labor forces requirements, and affect private investment decisions.


    Uses of TREDPLAN:
    • Optimize public policy infrastructure and private investment - consider future scenarios that allow for market shifts uncertainties
    • Consider alternative futures and the asymmetry of consequences - i.e., stranded investment versus lost growth from failure to invest
    Scenario Elements in TREDPLAN:
    • Alternative economic forecasts to 2050 for all U.S. counties and 536 industries
    • Alternative trade forecasts based on domestic and global economic and policy variables, allowing change in tariffs, exchange rates, energy and transportation costs
    • Climate change and disruptive weather, with trends, incidence, and disruption
    • Innovative Technology influences on labor requirements, energy use, logistics, competitive costs, and flows of goods and services 
    Analytics in TREDPLAN:
    • Forecasting engine with database search identifies competiting and peer regions
    • Calculate shifts in market shares among competing and peer regions, and changes in business activity patterns under alternative scenarios
    • Show implications of alternative futures for shifts in demand and cost for labor, business operation, transportation and energy



    What can TREDPLAN do for you?



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