TREDPLAN-Economy: Helping Economic Development Organizations Plan for Future Change

TREDPLAN-EconomyTM - Gives an analyst a flexible way of examining how regional and state economic development, workforce, energy and infrastructure needs will be affected by future changes in the economy, technology, climate and trade.


What can TREDPLANTM do for Economic Development Organizations?

  • For workforce training, see how future economic shifts will affect occupational demand and workforce training needs, by location.
  • For economic development targeting, identify how future scenarios will affect business operating costs, economic markets, business attraction opportunities and retention vulnerabilities. 
  • For energy and infrastructure planning assess economic risks and identify requirements to allow for future changes in demand.


Future Scenarios

  • Economic Shifts

  • Global Trade Shifts

  • Technology Change

  • Climate Change



TREDPLAN Economy 1 TREDPLAN Analysis:  Change in truck flows under
2045 Alternate Econonic Futures

Issues that TREDPLAN can help you address:

  • How will shifting markets and industry concentrations interact to affect future occupation demand and workforce training needs?
  • How will climate change interact with changing energy sources for power generation, to affect business operating costs and the future competitiveness of your area?
  • How will autonomous + connected trucks change the future location of warehousing, distribution and delivery activities, affecting jobs, income and occupational demand in your area?
  • How vulnerable is your area to global economic shifts and tariff policies, and how dependent is it on specific export gateways? How can you reduce that risk to increase business investment?

TREDPLAN Elements 

Areas Covered - TREDPLAN scenarios are generated for all counties in the US. Customers specify their area of interest within the US, which may be a state, a county, multi-state region or multi-county region. TREDPLAN is configured to identify competing or peer areas elsewhere within the US, and then assess the effect of future scenarios on the area of interest relative to competing or peer areas.


Scenarios. Use our preset scenarios to 2050, or we can set it up with customer-specified scenarios:

Economic Trend Scenarios:
  • Economy: recession, slump, severe cycles
  • Exchange rate shifts - dollar rise or crash
  • Energy price shifts - oil and electricity prices
Trade Scenarios:
  • Tariffs and embargoes for commodities, countries
  • Port closures (temporary and long-term)
  • Transport fuel and operating costs
Climate Change Scenarios
  • Changes in heating and cooling degree-days
  • Incidence of tornados, floods and costs
  • Sea level rise, air or marine port closures
Technology Change Scenarios
  • Energy costs, heating and cooling efficiency
  • Autonomous and Connected truck fleets
  • E-commerce and supply chain processes
  • Education and technology adoption

Outcomes. TREDPLAN can graphically and visually portray effects of alternative future scenarios on:

Labor Force:
  • Growth/contraction by industry
  • Change in occupational demand, mix
  • Change in wage rates
  • Change in workforce training needs
  • Change in workforce commuting patterns
Business Operating Costs:
  • Energy cost changes
  • Labor cost changes
  • Transport cost changes
  • Costs per worker, per sq. ft. or per $ output
Competitiveness and Operating Costs:
  • Domestic and international market growth/decline
  • Market shares by product, trade partner
  • Loss vulnerabilities and growth opportunities
  • Growth/decline in GDP, employment, wages by industry, occupation and area

Warehouse Operating Cost Change

TREDPLAN Economy 2


Export Policy Impacts

TREDPLAN Economy 3

Quickly summarize regional changes associated with alternative future scenarios, using our visual querying platform. See something interesting?  Just click to learn more.

A customizable series of reports enables you to focus on broad topics of interest to give structure to your analysis.


Business Attraction opportunities

TREDPLAN Economy 4



Electricity Cost Scenario

TREDPLAN Economy 5



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