TREDPLAN: Predictive Analytics for Long Range Planning

 What is TREDPLAN?

TREDPLANTM is a system for robust long-range planning that accounts for risk and uncertainty. It provides planners with a way to view the transportation, energy, workforce and economic implications of likely or possible future shifts in global trade, technology and the environment. It enables “volatility/risk” analytics, making it possible to optimize results by allowing for (or adapting to) possible futures. This enhances the robustness (and reduces the fragility) of transportation plans, energy plans and economic development strategies. TREDPLAN also benchmarks implications for your competitors and surrounding regions, enabling analysis of vulnerabilities and opportunities. There are three versions of TREDPLAN: Regions, Economy and Ports.

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TREDPLAN Scenario Impacts

TREDPLAN Scenario Impacts


  • Optimize infrastructure investment – develop new capacity to allow for demand shifts, risks and uncertainties. see examples Arrow Right

  • Develop “right-sizing” strategies – repurpose or resize existing facilities to align with future needs. see examples Arrow Right

  • Minimize failure risk – assess alternative futures and consequences of under- or over-investment. see examples Arrow Right

  • Strategy – assess how shifts in technology, trade & policy will affect your competitive position and create new opportunities. see examples Arrow Right

What makes TREDPLAN special?

TREDPLAN builds on a cloud-based megadata platform. We have over 3 TB of detailed data on economic, trade, and freight trends – past, present and projected future –covering all counties in the US and countries or regions of the world, with details for hundreds of industries and commodities, as well as occupations and population groups. We leverage this to show how future change can affect future demand for travel, energy and occupations.

TREDPLAN compares the implications for alternative scenarios. We have a library of future forecasts, including from post-COVID optimistic and pessimistic scenarios in Moody’s Analytics macro model, as well as projections for implications of shifts trade and technology, and disruptive changes in weather and seismic events. Since TREDPLAN is cloud-based, we can directly distribute analytics for other scenarios as requested.

TREDIPLAN has a powerful analytic engine. It finds other areas (or ports) with similar profiles in terms of product, purchasing and shipment patterns, that may be seen as competitors or benchmarking comparators. TREDPLAN compares current and projected future trends to identify your relative vulnerabilities and opportunities.

TREDPLAN enables smart public investment. It provides needed insight for optimizing infrastructure investments, programs and policies.

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