Technical and User Documentation

 The following technical documentation is available to assist in learning about and using TREDIS.


User Guides
TREDIS Quick Start Get up and running using TREDIS with the Quick Start.    
TREDIS 6.0 User Manual Detailed user manual explaining how to use TREDIS and to get the most out of this powerful economic impact analysis system.  
TREDIS Input Data Requirements
Input Data requirements and suggested sources for standard TREDIS.  
Data Sources and Default Values Indicates where TREDIS uses default variables, and provides sources and reference information
Technical Documentation
Benefit Cost Module *
Technical overview of the Benefits Cost module, including underlying economic theory.  
Dynamic Regional Economic
Simulation Model
Details on the functionality of the Dynamic Regional Economic Simulation Model including underlying economic theory.  
Equity Module 
Provides demographics statistics for identifying less advantaged or vulnerable populations.  
Market Access Module *
Explanation of the Market Access Module functionality.  
Travel Cost Module *
Overview and description of how the Travel Cost Module within TREDIS operates.  
Other Information
TREDIS Privacy Policy     
TREDIS Subscription Terms and Conditions     
TREDIS Version and Data Retention Policy     
Grant Reviewer Account User Manual User manual for Grant Reviewers evaluating aaplications using TREDIS.  
Release Notes
2024-06 A Societal Costs Travel Societal Benefits and Costs can now be differentiated for each alternative, region, and year, and induced calculations now take better advantage of available data on mode costs.
2024-05 A Induced Calculations Induced calculations can be done for new modes and induced benefit can be calculated for same.
2024-05 B Template Update Import-export template has been updated with several tabs and documentation.
2024-05 C Interpolation and Expansion Contingent Development and Commodity Mix can now be interpolated from user-data.
2023-11 A Equity Reports Additional Benefit/Impact Distribution reports have been added to the Equity suite
2023-11 B Multi-Criteria Compare Multi-Criteria Compare feature allows you to prioritize multiple projects evaluated in TREDIS at once based on weighting competing priorities
2023-11 C Safety Count Inputs Addition of two new TREDIS interfaces that allow users to enter counts of fatalities, injuries and crashes
2023-11 D Safety Impacts EIA Added functionality to use the impacts of averted crash outcomes – fatalities, injuries, and property damage
2023-11 E Unit Costs New additional Costs input interface forcalculating total capital costs based on input quantities and unit costs for common categories of infrastructure spending
2023-11 F Reports New reports to aid input validation and results tracing and to analyze the benefits of investment alternatives at a per-trip level
2023-11 G Import Spreadsheet Update Version 6.02 of Import Spreadsheet Available

* Descriptions of each of the modules can be found on the Inside TREDIS page of this website.


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