Uncertainty, Sustainability, and Resilience:

Their economic consequences and use in transportation planning

January 10, 2021 | Glen Weisbrod

Risk shutterstock 139825753Why is it important? Uncertainty is an inherent factor in infrastructure planning and investment decision-making, but in recent years the view of uncertainty and its importance has changed substantially. This issue has now risen to the forefront as we consider the more extreme consequences of technology shifts, climate change, and resource sustainability concerns. It has increased the need and benefit of considering future risk scenarios  and their economic consequences, as well as the usefulness of economic evaluation tools such as TREDIS. But first, let’s review how and why uncertainty has become so important today.

Transportation Equity + Justice:

Why they matter for planning and how to correctly measure them

January 6, 2021 | Glen Weisbrod

Equity2 shutterstock 132857744 (1)

Interest in transportation equity has risen sharply as part of a broader public discussion of disparities in wealth, income, and access to economic opportunities across America. But for transportation agencies, this has raised substantial concern about three related issues:

  1.  just what is meant by transportation equity?
  2.  how should it be measured?
  3.  what kind of goals are appropriate for improving transportation equity?

Access and Connectivity:

Their Changing Role in Transportation Decision-Making

January 6, 2021 | Glen Weisbrod

UncertaintyToday, there is increasing understanding that transportation improvements do not just affect time and cost for existing travelers; they also affect future potential access to jobs, economic opportunities, and business markets. Public policy is mobilizing to address equity concerns, and much of that focus is on disparities in access to jobs and other economic opportunities. The resilience of transportation systems is also being seen in terms of maintaining options for intermodal access and connectivity.

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