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Introducing TREDTransit


Learn how TREDIS® software products can help your organization evaluate transportation projects for economic viability.  Our webinars are approximately 60 minutes in duration and plenty of time is reserved for answering your questions.

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Previously recorded web seminars: In case you missed an earlier web seminar session, please click on the links below to view the recordings of these events.  

Using Freight Data for Economic Evaluation of Freight and Supply Chains


This session discussed freight datasets and how they can be used to with TREDIS to analyze freight infrastructure and supply chains. We shared a comparison of available freight datasets: spatial considerations, strengths, and applications; what we can learn from the base freight data and forecasts; how freight data can be leveraged for scenario development and economic analysis; detailed walk-through existing case studies; and the overall need for freight infrastructure investment.

Using TREDIS MBCA for Grant Applications


During this one-hour demonstration, we highlighted some key elements of the latest RAISE grant, due April 14th, walked through the process of performing a Benefit-Cost Analysis of a transportation project using the TREDIS Multi-modal Benefit-Cost tool, covered how to develop scenarios, provideed guidance on interpreting results, and highlighted the ways users can perform reality checks to ensure accurate results. We also covered the use of the Federal Grant Review feature to share your analysis with US DOT grant reviewers. The live demonstration covered the input requirements and the process of completing a project analysis.

TREDAir for Airport Systems



TREDAir for Airport Systems. TREDAir provides economic analysis for both airport systems and individual airports.

TREDAir analyzes the impact of airport operations, passenger operations, and visitor spending, providing crucial insights into economic impacts for state aviation system plans. It can enhance public communications and support further economic development and tourism initiatives.


Using TREDIS for RAISE Grant Applications


This webinar highlighted the use of TREDIS in preparing a benefit-cost analysis for the new Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant. Discussed were new TREDIS features, including the latest 2021 USDOT BCA guidance on parameters. Also reviewed was how to enable the Grant Reviewer Mode.

Using TREDIS for Grant Applications


This webinar highlighted the changes in the BCA guidelines, new features, and provided a refresh to users on how to enable the new Grant Reviewer mode. The TREDIS team shared their thoughts on data preparation, running sensitivity tests, and presenting results.

Applications in Economics in Transportation Planning and Prioritization


Watch as three presenters from state DOTs and MPOs shared their experiences incorporating economic impact and economic benefit analysis into their project prioritization and program planning processes. 

Adjustments to Transportation Planning for a Post Pandemic World


This webinar provides information on emerging changes in long-term transportation trends and expectations that will likely follow after the pandemic, and it discussed what this can mean for transportation investment planning, funding and prioritization. The webinar identified “levers” in travel demand models and in the TREDIS economic framework that can be used to explore scenarios for long-term future change, and assess their economic implications for decision-making.

Fundamentals of Using TREDIS


This webinar showcased a step-by-step demonstration of how to perform an Economic Impact and Benefit Cost Analysis of a transportation project using the TREDIS system. It focused on the basic operations of the TREDIS web-based system, walking through a simple transportation project.  It highlighted the basic input requirements and demonstrated new features. TREDIS staff provided guidance on interpreting results, and highlighted the role of economic impact analyses as well as benefit-cost and fiscal impact analyses for evaluating and prioritizing transportation projects.

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