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TREDIS is a powerful, yet easy to use economic analysis software.  It is a reliable tool for investment evaluation, cost-benefit analysis and project prioritization.

- Ermias Weldemicael, PhD, Economist,
Colorado DOT

We use TREDIS for a wide range of projects and modes.  The customer support folks are always available to answer our questions and are great at walking us through any issues and explaining the underlying ‘why’ in each unique situation.  Knowing the reason we need to structure an analysis a certain way helps us to better understand and communicate the delivered results.

- Brianne Glover, J.D., Assistant Research Scientist
Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Infrastructure Investment Analysis Program

High Street has used TREDIS on numerous engagements in states such as Colorado, Kansas, and Ohio to support analysis of transportation project and program economic impacts.  Time and time again, the tool has proved easy to use, is cost effective, and produces results that are understandable to clients and their stakeholders.  In several cases, we have worked with EDRG staff to apply TREDIS on projects and are continually pleased with the firm’s responsiveness, flexibility, and commitment to ensuring TREDIS delivers the analytical capabilities that are needed.

- Craig Secrest, Partner
High Street Consulting,

Great customer service and training experience!  Special thanks for answering all our questions!  The outputs of the market access module were particularly useful in understanding the potential contribution of the Indiana SR-3 market access improvement to the local economy.

- Nadia Gkritza, PhD, Associate Professor
Purdue University, Lyles School of Civil Engineering

I used TREDIS in my Masters unit on Infrastructure appraisal.  As an interactive tool it was a great way to show the students the differences between Benefit Cost ratios and Economic Impact Analysis and how varying the elements within these two methodologies influenced the outcome.  As a teaching tool, TREDIS came with some really good case studies, pre-loaded with data so that the students could spend their time understanding the outcomes and the impact of sensitivity analysis rather than inputting data.

 - Corinne Mulley, PhD FCILT, Chair in Public Transport and Director of Public Transport Programs
Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, University of Sydney Business School

EDR Group is very responsive to client needs and helping better understand the principles behind the TREDIS model.

- Ben Gruswitz, AICP
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

TREDIS has provided timely, valuable feedback to assist us with the technical aspects of our project.  Additionally, their documentation provided a helpful resource to explain the structure, requirements, and options of the model and guide us to determine the best ways to utilize their software.

- Katie Kam, PhD and Rydell Walthall
The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Transportation Research

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