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TREDIS 5.0 - What's New

Introducing TREDIS 5.0 with enhancements to improve your productivity and provide enhanced analysis control!


Webinar:  Introducing TREDIS 5


Enhanced Visualizations of Results

With a greatly enhanced economic impact analysis engine, results compositeTREDIS now provides powerful views of your project results, with a responsive user interface.  Your project's analysis results are viewable as maps, graphs, and very detailed tables.  With our new views you can instantly visualize the impacts your transportation projects have your local, regional, and national economies.

TREDIS 5.0 includes interactive graphics, allowing you to drill down to the details you need, while still offering executive level views representing the bigger picture. 

And, with one click, you can save your results as a graphic, PDF document, Word, or Excel file for incorporation in presentations or for additional custom analyses.

Enhanced Accuracy

New features now provide you with enhanced accuracy for multi-regional modelling, updated default fixed factor values, additional fuel type tax rates, environmental factors, and expanded industry detail to 536 industry sectors.

Dynamic Multi-Year Travel Characteristics

TREDIS now allows you to perform more complex analyses of your transportation projects.  You can now include multiple analysis years for entering your travel model information itravelnto TREDIS, providing improved resolution of travel modeling (improved accuracy), expanded forecasting periods to 50 years and more into the future, and increased intelligence regarding the impact of GDP on productivity gains and labor supply, demand, and wage rate.

Improved handling of transit and aviation

Input screens now handle transit and aviation projects using the terminology used by those planners.  Now TREDIS can accept inputs for both vehicle trips and passenger trips all within the same project

New Custom Mode Handling

Custom modes are now shareable across your organization, allowing you to set the default values, and to use the same custom modes in any project for your account.


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