Case Studies

Take a look at the wide range of ways that the TREDIS® suite of products is being applied. The following success stories and case studies demonstrate how public organizations and private consultants have used the TREDIS models and tools to their advantage for addressing a wide range of problems. The case studies span highways, seaports, freight railroads, high speed trains, emerging technologies, and more.



Transportation Economic Impact (TREDIS)


Specialty Products}

  • APTA Transit Calculator – Members of the American Public Transportation Association calculate and show the wider economic impact of their payroll, capital investment and operations spending using the Transit Economic Tool available through their member portal. ( Non-members can access the same web-based tool as TREDTransit from TREDIS Software.

  • Airport Calculator – Several state DOTs are developing custom systems for calculating and updating measures of the wider economic impact of airports within their state. These custom systems are all based on the same core TREDAir airport economic calculator. The TREDAir calculator is also available for single airports directly from TREDIS Software.

  • Washington State Airport Economic Impact Calculators
    Washington State DOT has contracted with EBP to create two economic impact calculators for assessing the impacts on employment, productivity, and business output due to changes in airport operations, capital spending, and employment for individual airports and for groups of airports within a specified region. More info.

  • Colorado Dynamic Economic Aviation Impact Calculator

    EBP has developed a “Dynamic Aviation Economic Impact Calculator” as part of a system wide aviation study for Colorado DOT. 


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