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Use Cases

Take a look at the wide range of ways that the TREDIS® suite of products is being applied. The following success stories and case studies demonstrate how public organizations and private consultants have used the TREDIS models and tools to their advantage for addressing a wide range of problems. The case studies span highways, seaports, freight railroads, high speed trains, emerging technologies, and more.

Transportation Economic Impact (TREDIS)

Plans and Policies


Corridor Alternatives


Transit and Passenger Rail



Strategy/Risk Scenarios (TREDPLAN)


  • Intermodal Facility – TREDPLAN was used by a major U.S. international airport for market planning. TREDPLAN showed how future economic and trade trends could shift the airport’s regional air cargo markets and its relative market shares compared to other airports that compete in serving similar commodity and origin/destination markets.

  • Network System – TREDPLAN was used by the national Committee on the Future of the Interstate Highway System to help identify future investment needs. TREDPLAN showed how alternative future economic, demographic and trade trends could shift patterns of need for serving freight and passenger travel demand on highways across the United States. (Appendix D, “Economic Outlook Factors Affecting Highway Demand.”)

  • Planning – TREDPLAN is planned for use by a midwestern state DOT to support its long-range investment plan. TREDPLAN will show the DOT how potential scenarios for future technology adoption, climate change and trade policy would affect needs and risks affecting requirements for long-range investment.

Economy and Energy

  • Job Training – TREDPLAN is being used by a state economic development department to identify how alternative scenarios for renewable energy technology adoption will affect occupational demand and post-secondary job training requirements.

  • Climate Shift – TREDPLAN was used for an international economic development workshop to portray how climate change can affect local operating costs for various industries and lead to changes in local relative cost competitiveness of regions and states for business attraction.


Facilities/Systems (TREDAir, TREDTransit)

Public Transportation (TREDTransit)

  • APTA Transit Calculator – Members of the American Public Transportation Association calculate and show the wider economic impact of their payroll, capital investment and operations spending using the Transit Economic Tool available through their member portal. ( Non-members can access the same web-based tool as TREDTransit from TREDIS Software.

Aviation (TREDAir)Economy and Energy

  • Airport Calculator – Several state DOTs are developing custom systems for calculating and updating measures of the wider economic impact of airports within their state. These custom systems are all based on the same core TREDAir airport economic calculator. The TREDAir calculator is also available for single airports directly from TREDIS Software.


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